The BlueNode platform provides data cleansing, analysis, auditing, and sharing for marine container ports.

Marine container ports consume many different data sources for operational and business development purposes. This data is generated from many sources in several formats with varying degrees of accuracy, completeness, and consistency—making it very challenging for ports to manage their data assets.

B.S. Halpern (T. Hengl; D. Groll) / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

BlueNode provides a complete, end-to-end solution that reduces data management costs and provides valuable insights for decision-support purposes.


Data sources are cleansed using automated tools that automatically correct and flag for further intervention. These processes provide customers with an assessment of the current data quality and the ability to manually correct if needed.


The system analyses data to uncover unique and actionable insights for port operators to support decisions centred around operational efficiency and business development opportunities.


The BlueNode platform conducts a thorough audit of data sources to help customers better understand their data assets. All data transformations are recorded with the ability to revisit historical records and undo if necessary. Comprehensive data auditing reports help ports understand how data is being used and whether data calculations are being used correctly.


Once data assets have been wrangled, cleansed, analyzed, and audited to ensure it’s in the best possible state, BlueNode can then share this data with partner systems.


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