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High-Quality Data is Essential

Data is the foundational layer upon which all other systems rely. It is crucial to operations, reporting, business development, and future goal-setting that data is accurate and easily accessible to those who need it.

Organizations who depend on marine shipping data spend a considerable amount of time and money cleansing data using processes that remain labour-intensive and error prone. Current approaches limit operational efficiency and can result in lost business opportunities.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data

—Daniel Keys Moran

BNSuite Solution

BNSuite automates the most important aspects of the maritime shipping data cleansing process. Once corrected, data is ready to import back into the customer’s existing operational and reporting systems.

BNSuite provides each customer with a customized dashboard that shows detailed reports on the throughput and effectiveness of our cleansing process. This information is distilled down to a single Data Quality Score (DQS) to compare original source data against BNSuite-cleansed data.

The net result is that BNSuite saves customers time and money compared to manual data cleansing. Other benefits include:

  • Reallocate valuable human resources to higher-value tasks
  • No expensive Machine Learning (ML) or other technical expertise required
  • Intuitive user interface, including smart decision-support, makes training a breeze
  • Comprehensive auditing capabilities provide deep insights into all data manipulation