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Incorporates diverse, user-defined datasets from both public and proprietary sources to enhance the functionality of BNData. 

Proprietary interface for organizations to custom define and configure data sources and connections for secure, automated data sharing.

Customers can connect to import/export data via SFTP/API framework from secure data lakes or other source data repositories.

Easily set up connections to your own data stores by specifying 4 fields, browsing for the directory containing your data, and clicking the “SAVE” button

Enables development of comprehensive models of nodes in the supply chain to enhance connectivity to multiple systems within the organization.

See how much of a difference trusted, accurate and complete data across the organization can make.


  • Common EDI data formats can be ingested out-of-the-box (X12/EDIFACT)
  • Cleansed data can be consumed through API endpoints
  • Customers can define their own file ingestion data standards through powerful user interface

Using an API framework, facilitates connections with partners up and down the supply chain to integrate systems and enhance data sharing.

The powerful interface allows administrators to define any file type for ingestion into the system

Ports, terminals, intermodal, and rail carriers hoping to optimize their connections contact us here.

Quick Facts

What data forms are supported?

BNData can import all commonly used trade documents including XML files, EDI files, PDF, and other data formats.

Can historical data be imported onto the system?

Yes! The application can import historical data, and perform all of the cleansing, labeling, and integration functions that are normally performed on current and live data, so your organization will have a unified data platform.

Can BNSuite work with my existing applications?

Yes! BNData is a cloud-based middle-ware application. BNData and the additional models are designed to integrate with existing enterprise systems, include blockchain applications used in supply chain. We can also configure BNData to work with bespoke custom applications used for port operations and terminal operations. 

What reporting functionality can be used?

Complete audit reporting can be generated by BNData, showing all data transformations that occur to cleanse, label and integrate data, including tracking by active user. More advanced reports can be generated with BNAnalytics and BNMonitor.

BNSuite applications can also seamlessly export to third party analytics platforms like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. BlueNode is a Microsoft partner.

What is required to install/implement?

The BNSuite of applications is a SaaS, cloud-based application designed for easy implementation, including remote implementations. The system is designed for non-technical users and training resources include time with BlueNode engineers and a library of visual walk-throughs.

What is the price?

BNSuite is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, with pricing based on a operational subscription model, rather than heavy capital expenditures of some enterprise level systems. With the flexibility of the different modules to adopt, there is a pricing model than can fit your organization.