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BNSuite is our flagship SaaS data wrangling, management, and analytics system – bundling essential products that facilitate these processes.


BNConnect incorporates diverse, user-defined datasets from both public and proprietary sources to develop comprehensive models of nodes in the supply chain and may thus serve as the basis for a “digital twin”.

BNConnect feeds BNData, the system core, using machine learning (ML) with natural language processing (NLP) functions to automate data enhancement—including cleansing and integration functions for cargo RFID and sensor data.

BNData also provides system administrators with comprehensive data and user auditing capabilities to ensure compliance with internal and external policies.


During a one-month period and 74,000 trade transactions, BNData identified and corrected approximately 30,000 errors.


BNMonitor (formerly MFCTrace) is a track-and-trace program that applies an ML-enhanced engine for trade flow analysis, and commodity track-and-trace. The internal system monitors data cleansing throughput and effectiveness – including critical system performance, health, and security.

BNAnalytics supports extended operational and business analysis; extended applications including risk mitigation and capacity analysis modelling, data-driven reports, and interfacing with third-party business intelligence platforms.


Analysis showed the automation of correction and decision support reduces costs of information management and use by 50%.